Are you ever bored at the weekends? If you are, the Flying Emporium is just the thing you need we specialise in fantastic toys , wonder beyond  your imagination ,and an arcade with lots of video games that you can spend hours in playing. So if you would like that visit the  Flying Emporium plus kids go FREE so come on down here  with your wild imagination and  enjoy the trip.


Discover marvellous mysteries awaits! We offer:

  • Life changing trips 
  • Magic shows beyond your imagination
  • And wonders and reality

You won’t miss our very own Mr Lux with his amazing book of secrets.


An amazing trip said the renowned Tiger Woods.


1 Kids go free

2 you get a 30% of if you are the first person there

3 you might meet some celebrities.


So if you are interested call 078 995 231 or visit our  website at www. Flying


Our staff will treat like you are chilling at a rich mansion and, they will leave you with a smile.


Be stunned by our amazing road trips.  

Be amazed with Europe and the dazzling snow in Scotland.

And be enchanted by our fireworks all night long plus you can stay in a hotel to see them!!


We are at Jackson street in the UK so come on down here if you ARE EVER BORED.!!

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