The Magical Castle

   Visit the magical castle


Are you tired of living a boring life?Do you need a break?Do you want to live your dreams?Well if you said yes  to any of those come visit “The Magical Castle” where dreams come true!Come with lots of wishes and get anything you want! Magic Mysteries await! Yes we offer:  

  • Living lovely dreams.
  • Anything you buy is free.
  • A table full of  food.

For the best  day ever ‘pop to our shop and shop till you pop’ We offer:

  • Mythical creatures ready to be taken home.
  • Enchanted books 
  •   power fountains which  give you  any power in the world

You’ll never forget the day of fun you’ll have.

“The best experience!” said Hermionie  Granger of Hogwarts .

Tickets include:

  • Free beautiful view from a tower.
  • 1000 pounds every hour 
  • Everyone can come for free.


We open 12 hours a day and  7 days a week except Christmas so we can celebrate too. Find us  at the end of winter hill in UK England or  visit  our website at were all your adventures begin!


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