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Do you crave a spark of excitement? Are you ready to stretch your legs? Would you like to have a break from TV? If you say yes to any of these visit ‘The Nothing Emporium,’ and make your fantasies become your legacies. Come with all your imagination. 

Navy, nowhere, nothings! Plus we offer:

  • A range of perfect food
  • Rides of a lifetime
  • Juice made out of pure luxury

For a lifetime trip ‘Pop to the shop, shop till you pop’ This day you won’t forget. Come and cover yourself, We give you:

  • Doughnuts that dunk themselves and go straight into your mouth
  • enchanted ebony delights
  • Nothings left to be created

You’ll never forget this trip of a lifetime because of the ‘Book of Life’.

‘’ HoHoHo, a flabbergasting time,’’ Santa Claus said. 

Entry includes:

  1. Free drinks at the empty café.
  2. 10 ride pencils.
  3. If you come during events, family tickets 50% off

We are open on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays, 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM. Try and find us under Bolton Town Centre, England, UK, Europe, Earth.  Visit our website at, http://www.NothingEmporium/ Or phone us with 01204 637 9335   

Your  adventure through nothing is now!

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