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Are you tired of being imprisoned in your home ? Do you hate watching channels that all are the same ? Do you want a luxurious life ?. If you reply yes, then why not come and relax at the beach surprisingly, all of the items are 10 pounds !. Wonky wonders dwell within

  • Wonky Wonderful rides 
  • Delicious delights
  • Icey ice cream

‘Come on and say hello get a bow throw and throw in to your wonder bag and go to your hopes’ For your great day, you can get one counter but you might be thinking why 1 well the 1 counter is worth 10 rides and 10 tokens are worth nothing and ‘Yes we definitely offer:

  • Popping poppers – popping candy 
  • Rainbow candy canes 
  • Luxury life rooms 

You’ll never forget your best day you’ve ever had and best of all at the end of your day you get half of your money back.’’A beautiful night sky!’’ said RM from BTS. 

Tickets include :

  • Half of all your money back.
  • 2 ride counters – 20 rides.
  • 2 friends,parents,anyone with free tickets.

We are open everyday except for Eid days to let us celebrate muslims. Find us at Pakistan in Lahoor come and have a peek at our website at where your dreams come true!!!

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