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Are you tired of staying at home and doing nothing?Are you tired of just eating junk food?Are you tired of just sitting there watching tv?well if that is true come to our magical Emporium across the road.Be elated by our fun adventures.Also,this is half a price which is not even expensive.come down here and get ready to experience the adventures.


Eerie Enchanted Excellence surprises of course we offer:

  • An adult spa area.
  • Kids play area
  • A 20 meters long swimming pool.

From dawn to dark full of wonderful adventures hop to the top till you flip flop.Don’t be the one to miss out on our wonderful trip.visit now.and have a day of from kids and work.We can give you:

  • Any adventures you imagine
  • Arts and crafts area
  • Many adventures and dream

You wont regret our experience right from the book of mysteries.

‘’My kids are bugging me and annoying me to go back’’ said Blessing ngata

  1. Kids can go for free.
  2. Arcade area for kids and adults.
  3. Many adventures you can go to.

We are open everyday on school days and weekends from 8.00am and close 8.00pm.Find us on silver canoe way wylie tx e2 street.

Visit our website for more information if you need anything else call the number beside 0512 538 672 fire fly we are waiting for your call!!!

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