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Do you like sports and wanna have some figure models at home or have medicine when  your throat is saw? Would you like to play football at home while you get some footballs and other kinds of sports balls? Then there’s a way, you can visit The Health Emporium for some sports and medicine! 


Great stuff for you to buy at home! We have:

  • healthy medicines for you to try
  • sports figures to hang up at home
  • sports balls to play at your garden 


If you’re not feeling well and you haven’t got any medicines, you can just buy one unless you’re ok to drive and walk into the shop, pay the cost that says below the shelfs (each medicine costs a pound and sports figures) and you can relax while you’re just feeling better straight away! Your three experience can be:

  • anything you can buy and that recommends you
  • feel better by some medicines   
  • many stuff you can imagine to be at your home

You can review us to see how well our shop is!


“Amazing! I like to keep going there again, there’s a lot of stuff, 5 stars, 10 out of 10,” said Harry, the football manager. 


  1. Fun for kids!
  2. Good for everyone!
  3. Stuffs from our shop are allowed even bringing back with your money.


  • We are open at 6am until 8pm at night a day to Monday to Sunday forever.
  • Find us at, M24 LA Street, York, HP4 9SP


Visit for the number to call us, we are looking forward to it!




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