Visit the magical emporium

Do you want to learn magic? Do you want the experience you will never forget? Do you want to visit the largest football stadium of them all and play with the best football players of them all even play with them in the biggest game of all time. We give you amazing, great and excellent experiences.

It has

  • The biggest football stadium ever of the capacity of 4 billion people
  • Visit our shop that has everything in the world in it and all for free!
  • See the biggest chocolate fountain ever of 12000ft up and 80000ft wide!

We offer lifetime experiences, free items of your choice and free entry!

There will be items and dreams that you can imagine such as you can fly, teleport, be invisible, have 1 million pound and 6000-million-pound mansions!

This is one of the customers reviews.

“I loved it, this was fantastic!” said MR Patterson.

“This was the best experience in my life!” Exclaimed MR Taylor.

There are entertainment staff such as the fire juggler, flame thrower, sword swallowing and different competitions to win a grand prize! There are even lottery tickets and if you win, you win a grand prize of one of the rooms or to draw in the book of wonders. We have our own movie theatre, and you can sit and relax. Don’t miss our magical emporium experiences, free items and teleport to wherever you want whenever you want.


Come off the M6 to WA12 ZQP and hop to our shop!







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