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Are your kids stressing you out? Do you need a break? Would you like to experience your dreams? If you answered yes to any of my questions, why not visit ‘The Magical Emporium’ and make every bit of your dreams come true! Come with a warm heart and a big smile to make your life fun! 


Cool Christmas Crafts dwell within! 

Amazingly, we do offer:

  • A room full of red reindeers 
  • A choir of carols singing 
  • Lots of christmassy rides


For the best day of your life ‘stay a while and grow that smile’  You will not regret your very special day! Come on now and spoil your family, we offer: 

  • Magical christmas tree cookies
  • Lights
  • Fun people to make your day


You’ll never forget the best day of your life!


“A wonderful day!” said Student Enid Sinclair of Nevermore Academy.

Cards include: 

  • Free tickets for 10 fun rides!
  • 1 parent free with each person followed by.
  • Free tram rides for anybody!


We are open Mon-Sat at 8am-9pm except for Sunday we are open 10am- 5pm. Find us in the Dubai mall or visit our website at where the best day of your life begins! 

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