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Are you bored of staying home this winter? The kids sitting in their rooms with their devices on? Are trips to other places too expensive? If so, why not visit The Anything Emporium! We have millions of interesting rooms with exciting stories! We provide the most amazing experiences just with the step through a door. Your family will always remember this trip! I would say the best part about coming is that it’s FREE entry. 


Marvellous magestical mystique’s waiting for you! We offer to you and your family:

  • Delicious street food sold at the ripe payment of £3, drinks are at £1 per drink.
  • A gigantic, colourful play area that spans over the size of a small garden.
  • Thoughtful, Considerate staff that can fix any problem of yours.


“ I would gladly come again.” E Sherran told our staff. We offer grand prizes of all interests. Some of our prizes consist of: Magical skateboards that grip onto your shoes; A guide to improve your handwriting within 2 days; or a never ending bag of popcorn ( The flavour is chosen by the winner!).

Here at the Anything Emporium, we thrive off of lifetimes of guaranteed enjoyment.

Tickets are limited, don’t miss out on this intriguing opportunity!

  • We are ONLY open on weekdays, 10.00am – 7.00pm.
  • Find us just off the A13 down Queen’s Lane, London, HU7 2AF.


Or, visit We are waiting for your call!


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