Dragons in Brandon!

                                            Breaking News


Sorry to interrupt your program but dragons have been sighted over Brandon! It was exactly 6 o’clock in the morning on the 15 of December 2022. These horrifying creatures were spotted on the market square, one of them was hovering over the bakery and the other one was sitting on the bench.


Experts have flown out to see these magnificent species and have confirmed their scientific names. Having decided, their names are a Roarasaur and a Bloodasaurous. A quote from Mrs Clause “It was horrifying they were so scary even though they are just little things.”


Their features are: furry white webbed wings, piercing talons and razor sharp teeth. Where are they now you might be asking, well Colchester Zoo has kindly taken them in and they are now being spoiled in their forever home.


Visit Colchester zoo to go and see these one in a kind creatures, they are now offering a special offer to celebrate these new creatures into our world. They will try to expand the population of these dragons as they are not harmful. To adopt one of these extraordinary reptiles go to their website .

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