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Dear Mother,

I am returning from my expedition​ in Canada, and I have found some amazing creatures and plants. After two months here, my expedition crew and I have discovered species that nobody has ever encountered before.

The first creature we found was an interesting creature that produces life-threatening venom. We have called it ” The Walking Death trap”. It has a menacing sting on the end of it’s pointy tail, which contains the venom. Like a scorpion, it raises it’s tail to stun it’s prey. This could, without doubt, be in the top 20 ” most venomous creature”. If it’s venom enters the human bloodstream, it could lead to many months in hospital, or, worst case scenario, leave the patient paralyzed. We have tested this information using blood donations and other beetles.

The next creature we found was a type of flying beetle. It’s tail was an array of colours, and it’s wings were like paper, the most delicate substance we have ever found. We found a whole collection of them, hiding in some rocks near a sapphire waterfall. One of our crew members accidentally touched the wings, and ripped it in half! They are at least 12cm, so we took the one with the ripped wing back to our lab so we could monitor it’s wing. We call this creature ” The pteradactyl bug”. We think this could be a descendant of the pteradactyl and luckily, isn’t venomous.

Lastly, we found a plant that produces vanilla scent which could in the future be used as an an​aesthetic for children who are afraid of needles. The scent can get so strong, it could knock someone out. We collected a few samples and took the back to the lab for testing. It’s pink in the centre and has dark blue petals. Its has dandelion like petals on the inside, which contains the scent.

I have throroughly enjoyed my exp​edition, and can’t wait to see you again! Miss you lots!

From Laura​

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