News Report- Dragon spotted over Brandon

Breaking News: Dragon spotted in Brandon!


There has been a dragon sighted in Brandon, just outside of Forest Academy. This creature was caught in the process of breathing a large bomb of fire. The dragon was described as a substantial, sapphire, bloodthirsty dragon, charging fire out of its mouth with colossal, thick claws and had solid sapphire wings. 


It has been stated that the dragon attempted to fly down to a child to have a rest on its arm. The child was not hurt by the creature, it was very friendly.  


We spoke to Sylvie who was attending Forest Academy, she said ”It was amazing!” We also spoke to the neighbours of the school, asking if they had ever seen a dragon this close before! Emily stated, “I was shocked, I thought I was dreaming!”  


It appears that this dragon is extremely rare! There are only six of these creatures in the world!  


We will update you soon with more information.

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