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The Dragon-Bird is a dragon-bird looking species. It has a rainbow fluffy fever tail and a dragon head and bird wings and a special feature  is that on its wings it has… sticks (i think).  Their head is like a baby dragon’s head and its body is a dark turquoise. The Dragon-Bird is like a bird and dragon mixed (like its name).


The Dragon-Bird lives in a normal forest up in the top of the trees and only comes out at night. The Dragon-Bird can also live in a tropical forest.  (If you walk outside at night you might be lucky and find a Dragon-Bird. If you do find one I will advise you not to touch or catch one only because you might get bitter). 


Now if you are thinking about adopting this animal you will need to get everything they eat. So can you guess what they eat? They eat flowers only purple, oak leaves, potatoes and oats. The only problem is that some are fussy and only eat dead grass and birds. 


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