Alex forest 2022

Devil dragon


Down in the jungle two eyes glow red

Searching high and low  for the dead. 


Its life is not long

 But nothing lasts long in its fighting throng

 Since it is so strong  so bold

It is a death machine untold.


It may be small but it could make a Giant fool. This beast could cause Your death toll. So bewear of this Small foe  for it may cause great woe. Beware of this small beast if not it will Make your eyes a feast. 


Its claws can cause great pain enough To drive you insane. So stay away for If you get hit you will be a felled brit. 


These are not good pets unless you Chop off their claws so they do not Disintegrate  your front  door which Would leave you  poor. 


This critter’s ls beast may make you Decrease so watch  if not it will hack    Your away your back (i personally  Wouldn’t like to hike to hospital) its claws Which are sharp as knives can slide frew Cars. Like they are butter 



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