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Breaking news

There has been a new species of bat found. We don’t know its name, we think it’s nameless. Read on for more information.



  • It has one of the most dangerous spikes at the end of its wingtip so it can get its prey to pass out.
  • Its talons are sharper than a pitbull’s claws for ripping open its prey’s body to eat the insides.
  • It has razzor sharp whiskers .


Special Abilities

  • It can suck all the blood out of their prey.
  • It can eat human hearts and intestines.
  • It can decontaminate its prey with venom.




  • It can live up in owl holes as it is just a small bat looking creature.
  • Also it can perch up on a tree from other animals that want to eat the bat.
  • This bat which can live up to 2045 can live in multiple places even in human houses 
  • One of its most common places is found in the tree top.



  • One of its most favourite foods is pigeons and people.
  • And it eats this flying bug called the lizard flyer. 
  • It has a favourite meal of sheep and lambs 


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