Breaking news fluffy-like creatures spotted over brandon

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Small fluffy-like little creatures spotted over Brandon! An Old woman spotted one flying over Tesco, she petted the creature, it is friendly and doesn’t have any teeth. It has big eyes for good eyesight. Everyone is evacuating in their homes hiding away from this mysterious creature. The strange creature can blow anything he wants out of his mouth. Even fire!

Isn’t that amazing!


Would you like/pet this creature? (It’s a bit scary but very friendly..) Scientists have said there are only two left on earth. One is a delicate, friendly, harmless little thing, the other one is cruel, terrifying and mean. It has whiskers as sharp as knives to cut people/things and pointy teeth.


One is called Scramble Scary crawler and the other is called Cramble fluffy crawler. The Scramble scary crawler has big, sharp, bloody claws and eyes that detect prey. The Cramble fluffy crawler has sizeable, white fluffy wings. 


They live inside of holes in trees within the woods. The Cramble fluffy Crawler has strength to kill you but won’t usually hesitate to. The scramble scary crawler will kill you if you get too close. The scramble scary crawler has sharp whiskers; the Cramble fluffy crawler doesn’t. Be careful and don’t scare the creatures, as well as not playing with them like they are dolls, they can be dangerous. Stay safe, Stay calm. 


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