The Claw dragon

This text will analyse the infamous Caribbean Claw dragon and will go into detail about this bone-chilling predator.



The Claw dragon has a disturbing appearance possessing lengthy black talons and whisker-like fangs and thick claws that tip the wings.Caribbean Claw dragons’ have sandy green hind legs that disconnect from the wings about halfway over,though the back legs are much different resembling a bird’s.The eyes of this dragon are 2 cm by 2 cm in size while the boy is 19 cm length and 9 cm in width covered in thin brown hair and nostrils that will regularly flare.


Dangerous Features

Although the Claw dragons population has been decreasing over the years its not for the reason you think.Surprisingly, these creatures are very dangerous possessing the ability to cause catastrophic damage with their pluck by opening up paths for fatal diseases as it regularly kill the most poisonous insect to slather the poison onto the claws.The whisker-like a to deal a sufficient damage to any that approach.


Habitat and Diet

These dragon can be located at tropical biomes such as the Amazon Rainforest,Kongo and anywhere hot and moist with a lot of trees.They spend most of there life hiding in trees stalking prey.Every two season they will migrate to hotter countries,in fact they’re so desperate for warmth the don’t even care if it is a desert!The diet of the Caribbean Claw dragon consists of different kind af insects and fish,though if starved they will go after anything that provides sustenance.

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