The vesp take over

Here is where it all happened lets go back to the beginning of a horrible year. It was a normal day in san Francisco we were all in the house Joe the son was watching tv. We were having a summer party when we heard something big crash into earth. The hole house Shaked and then it stopped the hole house was silent no one talked until Joe said “what just happened” “I don’t know” said dad.



They both walked outside and see atone of flying creatures suddenly there neighbour ran outside yelling then all the creatures came  down and attacked him. Then one looked straight at him at him but it did not attack them they realised they are blind but have sensitive hearing so they quiet lay went inside and told everyone to quiet lay to  get in there cars and leave.



The sister was on hur tablet and found out they are called Vesps they managed to get to the snowy mountains because Vesps do not like the cold. But deep down the family nose the vesps will evolve but can humans evolve to a world of silent.  

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