Venom vs Rainbow


Once upon a time, there were two creatures named Rainbow and Venom. Rainbow was a very active creature same with venom but venom was activated for murdering.One day, Rainbow wanted to go to explore the woods (where Venom lives) but as soon as she took off she forgot something she forgot she forgot her weapon.So, she went all the way back and got her weapon ( her claws) and went back to the blood-curdling forest. As her colourful tail was shaking she wanted to carry on so after a few minutes of exploring she heard a loud BANG! She got terrified then said “ hello anyone there? I’m really scared now. Can you please speak if you’re there?” There wasn’t any response so she tried to go home but she was lost.


Even though she was scared, she continued to explore but before she did she took her savage claws (her weapons) then carried on deeper and deeper. Even though she was scared she continued deeper and deeper until she heard a big BANG BANG BANG!!!  Rainbow was super scared and that there was blood dripping from the leaves.As soon as Rainbow heard the noise she blinked and in the blink of an eye, she saw Venom. When she saw Venom, he was big, bigger than he looks, so as she ran she ran as fast as she could. After ten minutes of running, Venom caught up and jumped on top of her and stood there. Unluckily, Venom didn’t know that she had claws so  went in for a punch but Rainbow caught it and then got her claws and put it in Venom’s neck and stomach…


As soon as Venom died, Rainbow got splashed with blood because of the murder. After ten minutes of trying to find her home she found it and forgot about murdering Venom in the first place and lived happy ever after in the woods.

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