As soon as smiley Miss Greene danced into class seven, the beautiful room immediately appeared to turn sunny. She was lovely with a soothing voice like a yoga teacher. ‘Settle down children, ’ pleaded the new teacher, ‘I am teaching you today.’ Our first lesson today is numeracy. Today we will have a test to see how much you already know. She called the boy in the front row named Dilian  to hand out the tests. When she marked them she realised that all the children were finding the year 7 work easy , so she decided to use year 8 work. They were all very smart because every time she asked them a question they all had their hands up. Later that day she tought the children computing. They were smart that they managed to get through 3 lessons leaving the other class straining behind. She was so pleased with them that she gave them a treat at the end of the week. All the other teachers were jealous so they decided to make a plan to make them fall behind on their work. That evening they all met up at las iguanas in the O2. One of them bought Ashwaganda which they knew would make smiley Miss Greene fall asleep during class. The next day was bitter and cold but Miss Greene’s classroom was warm and bright.  The bravest teacher Ms Abdi offered to make her tea. Miss Greene was pleased by the offer but asked not. When Ms Abdi told the other teachers what had happened they were so confused because who would say no to someone offering to make tea for them. They then realised she was teaching and she had a rule of not drinking while she was teaching unless she really needed it. They needed to find her when she was not teaching.  The devious teachers aranged a night out for them and Miss Greene ONLY! They then got the cooks to put all the ashwaganda , so she fell into a deep sleep.

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  1. Wow, Shiani, you’ve written a lot. You only needed to rewrite the short paragraph that Pie gave. Take care to listen to the instructions for the task.

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