The Great Golden Eagle




The Great golden eagle sits on his perch, biding his time, waiting, waiting, waiting, he still sits on his perch watching his prey.


His eyes are tiny golden coins, 

dirty with soot in the middle,


It’s beak is like a sharp curved hook,

Used to peck away at eggs that aren’t his precious progeny, only things to greedily feast on.


His feathers are smooth and silky, 

About to get blown around by the strong forces of the wind,


It has just came out of his nest where his eggs and turtles, small bugs, and other food lay solemnly,

The turtle that he is watching is slowly, stalking around looking startled by noises nearby. 


As the turtle turns away, the great golden eagle takes his chance, he silently swoops down, grasps it with his razor-sharp talons.

He takes off, hopefully the others are waiting for him at home, well probably more for their dinner!


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