The Wolf

The Wolf by Bella SWW
The wolf is stalking under sheets of trees,
his eyes are like drawings, sketched upon his determined face,
they dart around in the snow, expectant, waiting.

His pupils are like pits of black treacle ,
if you fall in, you will be slowly devoured by the wonder,
it is they that can see, they that keep him alive.

His Teeth are like daggers, stained with red,
fiercely he snaps them, ready to attack,
ready to rip, ready to stain them again.

His nose is shiny like a priceless Jem,
to sniff out the danger, even when the danger is him,
he would be nothing without them, he could be dead.

His ears twitch like a cats tail,
something is waking, his ears never lie,
this animal has no chance, and it is all the twitchers fault.

His whiskers are like weary wires,
helping him through the maze like woods,
he knows what to do now, it’s easy.

Now he can see it and off he runs,
the poor animal his life has gone,
the wolf smiles wickedly.

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