Breaking news a new creature has been spotted in amazon rainforest.


Breaking News a creature has been spotted in Amazon rainforest.


Cautiously, this crazy creature is so dangerous it can kill you with a stinger but he’s friendly if you don’t make him aggressive. Suddenly, he likes to kill animals and likes to harm them but a scientist got facts about this creature. It has really strong claws,rapid legs, nose (to sense people where they are), big eyes. It has fur like a cat, fox, rabbit, mink, leopard, beaver, otter, sable, jaguar, seal, Coyote, chinchilla, raccoon, lemur and possum.


This creature has teeth like needles and this creature has harmless and devours other animals. He likes digging holes like a mouse.


Alternatively, this creature likes eating ashes (bones) and likes scaring animals if they are close to them although they like scaring humans. Furthermore, he likes scratching trains,cars,trucks and bus. 

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