Are you ever bored at the weekend?Do you want something different for once?Would you be interested to visit the DreamBig Emporium?If so, why not come? It will make your bored times into the best experience of a lifetime.


Magical moments await!!!

  • Museum full of things from 1892.
  • A little water park for any ages you have to be over 1 years old.
  • A football section for 1p.
  • And a ball pit and trampoline park.


Children go Free teenagers are Free Adults are for £1.52 per person.



  • Pizza & Chips:Pepperoni cheese bacon £1.60.
  • Mac Cheese:Bacon or Ham:With Broccoli or Peas.2p
  • Fish & Chips:Tomato Ketchup:Brown Sauce:Mayonnaise.£1.23
  • And we do the best Roast dinner!£3.68



  • Kid drinks:Coke 2p Water Free Milk Free Apple Juice 1p  Lemonade 20p.
  • Teenager drinks:Coke 2p and Fizzy drinks.
  • Adult drinks:Beer £3.52 Wine £6.23 Cocktails:Strawberry:BlackCurrent:Apple:Pineapple. 


It’s opens at 6:31 and closes at 10:23.

The best thing is that there is a arcade all the games are free you can win all sorts of prizes 

If you want to come please contact

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  1. Well done!! Great work! I am very impressed and it’s amazing!

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