shall be shocked …

You shall be shocked…


Are you stuck at your house bored? Be amazed and come visit THE SUSPICIOUS EMPORUIM where you can have lots of fun. You can go on the trampoline park and then also get anything you want because we have everything you need. Come and see us now and kids stay free or come alone and give yourself a treat. You can have FREE WIFI with lots of things to play with, with your family and friends. You can have lots of fun in our indoor swimming pool and the highest drink amount is up to £1.50. I know cheap right. Well, if I was you, so don’t rush because you can stay for as long as you want. When you get in you room, there will be a nice hot chocolate with whipped cream all over the top. You can also add more if you like because the whipped cream will be on a tray next to your hot chocolate.

We must give you:

  • a slip in case of allergies.
  • a menu for the breakfast the next day and you can have it in your bed.
  • another slip for when we start the day of, and the time we end.

We can also give you a servant so then he can give you things that you don’t want to go and get but you will have to pay for that. You don’t need to get one its just if you’re interested. They cost £250 for a week to use. You have fans for the summer, and we have a campfire for winter you just pick the weather that YOU would like to come at.

Things you can do:

You can go swimming for as long as you want but it must be before we shut it down its also on the slip. You can have any breakfast, dinner and tea that you want because we have it all. For breakfast we have English breakfast or pancakes and if you want some cereal. You can also get anything you want because it will be on the table in the kitchen, but you will have to pay, but its not that expensive.



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