The Crazy Discussion Podcast


                                   The Crazy Discussion Podcast


 Welcome to tonight’s discussion about whether these creatures are dangerous or not.

            These creatures have been spotted around the world but they are mostly in the Uk.

    A witness who is in the uk said “I saw the dead eyed creature it had blood on its 

     Hands it was flying around with its christmas jumper on what said me out on It”.

       Another witness from the uk said ”It is so cute because their little heads have

         Tiny fur on It and It played with my cat whilst flying around!”  These people.

           Love and hate these things but let’s see if people love them or hate them.

             One of the witnesses said that the want to make a petition to put them

               All in a cage So let’s hear them. “All my friends think all these things

                 Are cute but I know they are planning something I we feel it in are

                   Bones they are evil so I am making a petition to put them all in

                     A cage so everyone who is seeing this please sign It!” Wow

                      That was a ride now lets see what Vincent has to say “the

                        Weird things are cool but weird because they shown up

                           Out of nowhere but I think they are still cute becaus

                              Of their fur. Well Vincent is crazy because they are

                                 They are actually really dangerous but that Is It

                                   For this discussion tune in next time for the 

                                    Crazy podcast story to go on!


The next day!


Welcome to the Crazy Podcast where we read people’s crazy stories. Today we have a kid called jake claiming he saw the new creature what is buzzing around attacking        random kids so let’s here what he has to say “Hello and my name is jake and i have seen this new creature attacking my friend this all happened 1 hour ago and these flying like a bird, started to circle around me and my friends but after a few minutes they started attacking us!” That must be crazy being attacked but there is more where that came from let’s see what jimmy says about these creatures “well i think these creatures are very cool because they have interesting types of wings and hand it only has one wing and two hands and it normally stands on a box as they can only hunt on one leg how they do it i don’t know how they do it so ask your local zoologist” Thanks jimmy what was really useful to know so stay away from these creatures because they will properly kill you but that is it for now goodbye!


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