The giraffe

A sky- high animal awaits .

hundreds of spots glisten in the sun

Big footsteps trail behind

The neck  was as tall as the sky.

The  eyes were as astonishing as

the moon taking over

the sun.

The sun- dried  hooves were

as weak as a feather.

So quiet you could hear the air passing by .

Stood their

staring into the deep galaxy.

Eyes clos faster than you can think.

As its feet clench deeper  into the


One Response to “The giraffe”

  1. This is a great description of an animal! It’s interesting how you described its appearance, including its hundreds of spots, tall neck, and astonishing eyes, which are compared to the moon taking over the sun. The weak sun-dried hooves and the sound of air passing by add to the animal’s majesty and mystery. Overall, this is a very well-written piece!

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