The hideaway Bat

Dear London Zoo,

 I am writing to inform you that we have found several different animals over this last trip to the Amazon Rainforest. But the thing that has intrigued me the most is the Hideaway Bat (which is only 57.9cm). The Bat has many different features: its hands are petite, like the size of an ant , but don’t be fooled; their tiny hands have killer claws that leave pain and agony; also their beady eyes are killers, they can see in 3D behind corners and around things; the downside to these bugs is that the cannot hear you so its easier to get your hands on them.

Please write back to me as soon as possible, then we can see if you want to have them in your zoo. Obviously we will charge as it is brand new and will be popular.But we will discuss this when you next write to me.


Yours sincerely

The Animal Zoologist 


Dear the Natural History Museum,

I am writing to you today to inform you that we have found a specific bug (  that would look good in your bird collection) no one has ever witnessed this Hideaway bug  before. It’s a brand new Bat which has features we have never experienced before: killer claws like a sloth’s one scratch and you will need immediate medical attention, (such as stitches or even to be cut off); eyes which can see through bright lights and see round corners; They have retractable fangs which is in use when it feels threatened.  I also believe this will become a very popular animal, so I do think  you will regret it if you don’t look into this. When you next write to me, which I need immediately! We will discuss the charges next time you write.


Yours sincerely

The Animal Zoologist 

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