The Hydra returns

Amazingly the Hydra has poisonous blood and breath Immortality. Among the several heads of the Hydra, the central one is the most difficult to deal with
Regeneration. This monster is one of the hardest mythical creatures to kill due to its powerful regenerative capabilities.

Surprisingly the hydra has no gills, no brain and no eyes​. So it doesn’t let you kill it in the easiest ways.

The hydra starts with three heads. But when you chop it of it will grow ​more heads. To make it harder to kill and more chaotic. The only way to defeat a hydra ​is to burn burn it alive but. If it extinguishes the fire it will grow a second head. But if you do manage to burn it it ill lose all the heads.

The hydra lives in in the lake of Lerna in the Argolis. The lake itself is older even than the Mycenaean City​.

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