the missing Hugo#

Dear Diary,

The 8th of january 


It was finally my birthday and i was so excited to open my presents, each covered in gold and red glitter with a big bow but  there was one present that caught my eye it was different to all the others but when i went to open it my dad came into the room and without hesitating he shouted “NO OPEN THAT LAST!”said dad so as i opened all my other presents fist but then i noticed there were holes in the box then it started to make noises  they sounded like an animal.All of a sudden,the box tipped over, luckily my  dad has ninja senses so he caught it just in time, it was incredible I will never forget this moment  ever again in my whole life. Then i finally finished so i could open the box with holes for an animal of some sort.As I carefully took the box from my dad’s hands I peeked through the little holes but all i could see was a rainbow blanket then i opened the box to see a little baby dragon it look like it was from my book called don’t judge this dragon by its look, now that i finished opening my presents me and Hugo that is what i called him Hugo the opal dragon.We went outside to play and go to the park but i needed my dinner and so did Hugo. before we went i ran into my bedroom to find the and when i did i turned to the diet chapter turns out that they will only eat cheerios so i ran to the shop to get some but they were out a person had bought them i was really unlucky but when i left i saw that the person who bought the cheerios was my mum so i ran up to her and said “can i take the cheerios home” she replied with a yes i got so excited that i snatched the cheerios out of her hands and i ran as much as i could.When i got to the door i realised that she had the keys so i had to go round the back but when i got inside Hugo was gone… 

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