Visit The Mythical Most Magical Emporium:

Visit The Mythical Most Magical Emporium:


Will you ever be really tired or bored that you could cry yourself to sleep? Is your life in need of something different? If so, then why not visit ‘The Mysterious Emporium’ and be amazed by the encounter of a lifetime… and, magnificently, this is all completely FREE. Make sure to bring your imagination and be ready to experience your wonderful dreams you’ve been dreaming  of at night.


Awaiting you!!! We offer:

  • Pots and cutlery from china
  • Hotel with rooms full of curiosity
  • Including a life changing wonder

It will seem different!!


For a full day, ‘spend a king’s ransom’ and ‘shop til you drop’! Don’t be the only person to miss out on an amazing adventure for a lifetime change. Visit right now and treat yourself to plenty of things we have here. We can provide an experience of:

  • any wonders that you can imagine
  • many objects and creatures yet to be discovered
  • as many worlds as there are you can create


You won’t regret our tailor-made with many donuts and hotdogs waiting to be eaten and another tailor shop with Books from Pie Corbett.


“An amazing trip!” said Mrs H Ganger. 


  1. Plenty of prizes for early birds!
  2. Kids can have freedom!
  3. A lifetime guarantee of curiosity or maybe your money back.


We are always open on weekends and weekdays from 8:00AM – and we close at 9:00PM.

You will find us off the A11 on Chicken Lane, Lizerton, YF8 9PD

Visit our website for more information and details or email our office team on  We are waiting to see you or for your call.

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  1. I like how you used “shop till you drop!” I really this this

  2. Nice Work!

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