Inside and Outside

Outside the school, the grass was damp, and the air was thin, so pupils couldn’t play out. Inside, the atmosphere was warm and instead, the children got to play and create in the classroom.

Outside, lightning and cloud surrounded the sky, everything was soaking wet and everywhere was lashing down with rain. Inside, the cosy, heart-warming fire kept everyone warm.

Outside the café, fog enclosed the small town, and a thick, grey cloud filled the sky. Inside, customers were enjoying a boiling cup of coffee and a delectable cake, socializing with others.

Outside,the sun beamed down on everyone and covered the sky with light and heat. Inside the houses, children licked ice creams delightfully, and filled the rooms with fans and air conditioners.

Outside the building, darkness surrounded the sky and a bright, white moon shone in the night sky. Inside, people huddled together in a blanket and watched an entertaining film.


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