Outside and inside

Outside, snow fell across the very busy city.

Inside the café, it was nice and cozy. I could feel the

warm fire and the birds singing on the snowy tree.


Outside, it was sunny and very hot on the beach.

Inside it was cold and I had cold Guinness. I could

feal the cold fan breezing my skin.


Outside the house, it was cozy and warm. I had a nice

warm cup of coffee with a biscuit near the window.

Outside, it was very cold and raining all the time and could

see the birds finding food and twigs for the nest.


Outside, a big dragon flew across the sky.

Inside the cave, Vikings were laughing near the

warm fire.


Inside Punches gym, a big muscly man came and

punched the punch bag very hard that it broke.

Outside, there was a Bar with guys drinking

and smoking while there were very drunk.

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