Octopus Winnie SWW

Octopus, octopus, why do you hide,

in the murky depths and the ocean side?

Your skill is remarkable, unforgettable really outstanding.

Your different aren’t you.


Octopus, octopus, how do you write,

do you use a quill and your inky bite?

Don’t all those arms get in the way

and how do you control them.


Octopus, octopus, why is it black?

Why do you camouflage waiting to attack?

How do you see through?

Is it Impossible to do?


Octopus, octopus, your never be unaided.

You will always be part of something,

A consortium.

Your life never faded.


Octopus, octopus, what have you seen,

You’ve become many objects,

a fish,

a rock,

many different beings,

but what is a favorite you’ve been?



One Response to “Octopus Winnie SWW”

  1. What an interesting subject Winnie! Octopus are such mysterious creatures and highly intelligent. I particularly liked your first verse.
    Have a look at that last line there in verse one I’m not sure whether you’ve chosen the correct spelling – you’re or your?
    Great writing and interesting ideas!

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