Spider oh spider



Oh spider, spider,

Why build a home in a home?

Can’t you just live in my basement?


Spider, spider,

What’s the reason to have loads of legs if I only have two and work harder than you?

Why have eight eyes if you only use one?


Spider, spider,

Why Frighten People If You Have No Friends and family?

Where do you run away if I try to take you home?



Do you eat flies so that they don’t annoy me?

Do you live with the need to protect me from nasty insects?



If you bite me will we become family?

Is it true I will be able to swing on the webs?



Why do I find you everywhere and never have privacy?

Why Use my corners to stalk me?



3 Responses to “Spider oh spider”

  1. Oh spider, spider,

    I like the way you make a home in a home. It makes me think that you are a tiny house builder!

    “Why build a home in a home?”

    I also like the way that you ask slightly deeper questions about spiders, especially the last verse.

    Maybe the poem could be improved by adding a bit more detail about the spider. For example, describing the spider’s web and how it looks.

    What do you think makes your spider unique compared to other spiders?

  2. I think it’s a great poem, only negative feedback I have about it is instead of saying ‘Why build a home in a home?’, maybe say ‘Why build your home in my house?’

  3. This poem is soooooo good!!! The only negative feedback I have is: in paragraph four, could you use a better word than annoy? 😄

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