House for sale

For Sale: The Hansel and Gretel House

This magical house with four bedrooms and two bathrooms is situated in a peaceful location, in the middle of an enchanted forest.  There is a stream made of fizzy lemonade, which ripples past the house and a lovely candy cane pathway leading up to the front door.

The house is made of delicious gingerbread and so is the roof.  At the very top of the house, sits a huge strawberry cake chimney with red and green candles dotted around it. Running across the roof, stands many luscious, swirly multicoloured lollipops, and white icing that looks like snow.  Sprinkled all over the outside of the house and stuck into the gingerbread are large sugar coated jelly tots.

2 Responses to “House for sale”

  1. Very descriptive! I want to know more, is the house for sale? is it available to rent? or is it a dangerous place that is disguised? I would love for you to add some action, why does the reader want to know about the house? and How do I get a fizzy lemonade stream? That sounds amazing.

  2. Beck I love your setting description! It created such a vivid image in my mind.

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