Snazzy nan

Today I just found out that my own granny is super Nan!

I didn’t know, how did I not know this, why didn’t my own granny tell me this fantastic information?

I already loved my Nan but I love her even more, she is such a cool nan now. I just thought she was the ordinary loving and caring nan but no she is now the coolest nan ever.

O.M.G can she-, would she? “Granny!” I said. “Yes Rebecca?” she replied back, “Can you take me out on one of your fantastic super Nan adventures?”

There was a sudden silence-

4 Responses to “Snazzy nan”

  1. Brilliant work Rebecca. Lively and great sense of the scene.

  2. I enjoyed reading your short snazzy paragraph. Maybe use a thesaurus so you don’t use the word nan so much. Great writing.

  3. I loved the imagination used in this piece of writing but I would’ve loved it to carry on just a bit longer to see what would happen next.

  4. I loved how much you used your imagination!

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