Apollo Redgrave

It was a gloomy morning in January. Thetford looked dead. The only thing happy about the place was Apollo Redgrave. Apollo was a girl who would peacefully walk along decrepit train tracks attempting to get over but would have no luck and get turned away from indignant soldiers everyday.


One morning, the girl felt a boiling ball of fire in her stomach making her determined  to get across. The closer she got the more nervous she felt but that wasn’t stopping her. Without saying a word, she stormed past the soldier as brave as a cat with nine lives! Suddenly, she felt a harsh grip attached to her left arm and apprehensively knew it was the soldier. “Oii girl who do you think you are!” Silent, she bolted past making the soldier’s hand loose grip. She had finally gotten past! 


Apollo noticed the air was warmer than usual and the fog had lifted. Flowers were growing faster than Usian Bolt making the gorgeous scent of lavender tickle lightly up her nose. Blossoming trees wavered in the cloudless sky making Apollo feel like her own character in a movie. Without hesitation, she decided to explore the amazing world of wonders she had just stepped into.


Serenely strolling along a smooth footpath, Apollo heard a distressed person shouting in disbelief “I’ve found her!” Soldiers, as tall and full of muscle as the Hulk, trapped Apollo! Petrified, the girl skillfully slid through the soldiers fibrous legs and darted through many forests until all of a sudden a manky, ancient shed came into sight and of course she entered…

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