chaper 1 the chase

It was windy in december; It was always dark and I could never find my way home! My dad gave me a package when I got home-It was so heavy. It felt like there was a weight inside. I went past abandoned homes that had animals still inside! I was ready to deliver the parcel.


“Next” called out the guard at the checkpoint. “What are you doing here little boy?” said david.                                  “I came to deliver this package s.sir.” replied the little  boy (Max). Without saying anything, the guard let him in.


Max was amazed to spot how the buildings weren’t destroyed or abandoned. He still needed to deliver the package so he kept on walking until he bumped into somebody.


“Sorry sir” stated Max quickly. The man didn’t say anything back. The man suddenly grabbed Max’s arm and said “Give me everything you have.” He  made the pain worse every time. Max escaped with the package and ran past:rocks,roads until he saw an abandoned building and stepped inside…

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