Chapter 1

Chapter One


It was a snowy afternoon in January.The ice drifted down and smothered to the streets of Brandon.A bunch of streetlights had been lit,casting shadows in the corner.John pulled his jacket closer and trembled.

The powerful wind stumbled between the homeless and the buildings.

After the wind finished,the town was noisy.


John arrived at a checkpoint.The guard asked the kid “where are you going?”The church,” said John who was nervous.Tons of christmas lights and electricity has been wasting a lot of energy for lights and ipads.


As John was running a guard caught him and put him in a room.A mysterious attacker helped him to get out.”HELP” the guard screamed.

The attacker gets mad and starts to escaped  the building but a guard 

Asked for backup a soldier came.And starts to get the mysterious attacker and the but the attacker too fast.Suddenly, the boy can’t catch up.


So the attacker give him some boost and speeding.”Where did you go said the guard”.

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