Chapter 1

One gloomy February afternoon, the floors were icy and dry. The clock nearly struck one:pm and it was already sunset.Ali had a mission from his dad.


As Ali was walking to his checkpoint, he was afraid that the guard would send him back. “Next!” shouted the guard.Ali stepped forward and showed his pass. “Where do you think you’re going!” snapped the guard and Ali replied “My dads customer left something and I have to give it back” – the guard let him through.


Once he got to the Market Square, he saw: bright lights from the clock; the Union Jack flag above the council building and he saw Mr G’s full, everyone eating their delicious roast dinners.


A couple of minutes later he was looking down (because his dad told him to) and he bumped into someone. “OH YOU LITTLE…” and chased Ali in shops and out shops over  cars and everywhere. Ali was a fast-runner as he lost the man until Ali ran into the abandoned Fish And Chips Shop…

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