chapter 1

It was a frosty summer night, The frost covered the whole street of Troon. A few streetlights buzzed on and off ,hiding light from the streets


Jake Smith ignored the frost and zipped up his old ripped jacket as he walked along the streets.

He could see a big line of people waiting for them to get checked to go through the border to get to the other side. 


Once it was jakes turn, he heard a voice “Quickly,” the guard yelled murmuring to himself. As Jake handed over his pass the guard asked ” where are you headed?” Jake replied ” I’m getting some food shopping for my mum” the guard buzzed his card on the machine and let Jake through.


A little while later, once Jake had bought his mum food and he was on his way home. Here was much better than Troon the streets were wider, there was no rubbish on the streets and everyone had such nice clothes on. He decided to take a shortcut through this sketchy alleyway. Hoping no one would follow him. 


There was a tall black figure in the corner and he jumped out the corner and look all jakes shopping and said ” I will be taking that” Jake thought fast and stamped on the guys foot and made a run for it. But the entrance was blocked. The guy had got there before him so Jake ran away back to Troon and was safe home. For now.


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