chapter 1

It was a sunny morning in April. The sun shone across the

field lighting up the town of Troon. It got dark a few hours later,

there were shadows down the alleyway.

John ignored the birds on the buildings, he was staring at the checkpoint.

John put his hood up and shivered.

He could see a guard checking people ID’s making most people go back

From the border of Troon. Were the smaller houses were.

“next” said the guard, stamping his feet. He held out his hand and john handed over his ID “where are you going young man?” He said staring at john.

“I’m tacking a book for my uncles birthday” john replead, smiling as much as possible the guard nodded his head.

A moment john was waking thew were the small budlings old stone budlings


Tacking a short cut threw splinters alley john lowered his head and tried not to make eye contact with anyone and keep out of trouble.

A man tugged him and he got grabbed into the shadows of the alley.

“I’ll be having that” he said grabbing johns book “also all the money you have

He kicked the man and ran down the alley but there was an electric fence.

John ducked behind a bin and hid the man did not see him

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