Chapter 1

Chapter 1


It was a happy evening in August. The sun blocked all the clouds ,there was not a sight of clouds in Troon ,but then the sun magically disappeared and the clouds have taken over the sky, and shadows of figures appeared.


Louisa ignored the wind. she put her hood up and tried not to get noticed and started to walk down the creepy alley way towards the checkpoint .


She slowly started to see that a guard was checking peoples’ passes, most of them were getting turned around back to the border between the lower town and Troon, where the richer people stayed .


“hurry up people!” the guard yelled as loud as possible, while trying to hold in his anger . He held out his sweaty hand and Louisa

asked immediately after in a rushed voice ,staring into Louisa’s eyes.


“I am just helping out my dad with some family deliveries,” Louisa replied , try to cover up her scared face with the biggest smile she could ever show. The guard slowly nodded his head not really believing her .


A moment later , Louisa was walking through Troon . Here the streets were filled with fancy shops, rich people and everything anyone could wish for or not.


Louisa started to take a short cut down a creepy alley she did know very well . She lowered her head trying to avoid bumping into anything living . In case of getting caught.


She swung around the corner and then noticed a creepy  man she has never ever seen before in his local area.


“I will have this,” he said, grabbing Louisa’s parcel aggressively . There was a long pause but then he said “and all of the money you have!” Louisa started to make a move and ran down the alley way until the end it was blocked by a tall brick wall!


The man’s shadows slowly came closer and closer to Louisa while she was trying to back more and more into the wall . She could see the man’s pearly white teeth sparkling in the sun, But then she noticed a doorway that was hiding be hide a big pile of rubbish bags and one moment later, she was inside.

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