Chapter 1 The beginning

Chapter 1- The Beginning


It was a blistering morning in July. The sun shines, illuminating the royal mile. A couple of street performers were setting up their props.


 Duhan van de Merwe was trying to ignore all the dirty looks that he was getting from the richer people. He glanced ahead at the portal. He needed to get the deliveries for his families shop. 


A warm breeze wisped through the small ally way that he was queued in. He prayed that the guard let him through to where the rich and what they called themselves, civilised people.


“Next!” Bellowed the guard, pointing at Duhan. He held a gun in one hand, a one hand held out for ID. “What is your business here?” Spat the guard. 


“I am going to do the deliveries for my families’ shop” squeaked Duhan, bowing his head in fear that he might be turned back. “We run the Scotland rugby shop, I am going to deliver leaflets, rugby balls, tops and scarves.” 


Before he knew it, Duhan was walking down the royal mile, feeling the glares of disgust that an outsider was walking down the street.


He took a shortcut down advocates close and stayed in the shadows. He didn’t want to start any trouble. 


Unfortunately, a man snatched Duhan into the side and started to rummage through his bag. Duhan tried to fight him off and at first he lost but then he broke free and ran further down the alleyway.


After a couple of minutes of running, he came to a dead end. The man came into view, his eyes full of delight and craziness. 


 Behind a pile of rubble, a small trap door caught Duhan’s eye. He opened it up, jumped in and slammed it shut. He had escaped.

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