Chapter 1 The chase

It was a freezing cold, sharp morning. It felt gloomy, the sun was low, it was barely the shape of a sun. Lucy was panting down the road forcing her body to push on running in the slippery roads.

She turned left but it was a dead end, she shouted “dang!! I thought it was here” – realising she took a wrong turn – she angrily started trudging back up the steep hill to the other road. The gate was standing in the bare frost, a soldier, dressed head to toe in navy blue uniform, had a rifle lazily hanging from his shoulder. 

She stepped closer towards the soldier, “excuse me mam, but you may not pass without paperwork”, the soldier exclaimed in a booming loud voice (sort of embarrassing her) in front of the children playing. A boy was there and he smiled. He looked happier than any of the children, almost like he had been waiting for her. Lucy checked her pockets for the form and disaster struck! Where was it? “Ummmm, uh I, I have to come back in a minute! I will be right back”, She mumbled as she was sprinting back down the streets going to cry but shortly after 20 minutes, she found her form. It had fallen out of her pocket back when she took the wrong turn. The guard had gone, he must have shifted towards the alpha post there was another soldier in his place, still dressed head to toe in navy blue uniform.

He eyed her and snatched the paper from her hands and nodded. He pulled his rifle from the button and the gate opened automatically. 


A new world! It was beautiful and full of wonder, children playing and running in a vibrant coloured park. The boy, who was there again, smiled and approached her. He was wearing a neon blue shirt and silky neon orange trousers, he whispered in her ear, “don’t get caught out.” What did he mean? She didn’t hesitate to ask what, but she blinked and he had gone. What did he mean don’t get caught out? Anyway, despite the creepiness of what had just occurred, she continued on her way. Minutes later, a man, a beggar approached, wailing his arms out like an inflatable balloon at a garage. He seemed to be backing her into the wall. He had a knife and held it to her neck… 

The boy wearing the blue top turned round the corner and held a glock to the “beggars head “don’t move” he replied in hesitation to save Lucy. But catastrophe struck seven or more all armed with a weapon mainly guns “eight against two” one of the people in a ancient cape said loudly. The boy in a neon blue top said “ my name is Jay. If you want to survive, follow me!Now run!”

Lucy did as he was told and ran behind Jay following his every order “Left, right ,jump, roll, duck and right“    

It led to a old abandoned shack. Was this his?

It took lucy a minute to say thanks after running and dodging literal bullets.

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