Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Outside, rain caused a massive flood and everyone was soaked.Inside, Jamal ran across the abandoned warehouse desperately trying to find something to cover his head.There were wet packages, baby dolls staring into your soul and walls covered with dust.To his shock, the doors were locked,Sadly,there was no way out.


Jamal didn’t know there was a mysterious man behind him with a knife.The man coughed and Jamal screamed.Something roared and the man ran faster than Usain Bolt.In the pitch black warehouse.Jamal could just about see a pair of red fiercy eyes.The creature had sharp canine teeth. As Jamal was walking backwards getting scared and scared.HE SAW…


The creature was a lion who was as big as a giant.It was ginormous and it had yellow fur.Jamal heard a sound of a door creaking he thought it was the creepy man leaving.The lion kept on roaring and roaring. Jamal didn’t know what to do!


Jamal took a deep breath and patted the lion.He saw that the lion was the king because usually other lions pounce on people.Jamals fear started to disappear.Jamal put his hand out just to show the lion that he was kind.


The lion said something in a deep scary voice.He was shocked how does a lion speak.”Help Me” she said “I need to find” Jamal didn’t hear what she said  because he didn’t hear it.He shaked his head acting like he knew what she just said.”Someone is trying to hunt me” she said “I need to hide”.


A few minutes later, Jamal and the lion were walking on boom street trying to find a secret spot for the lion  to stay at.They found an old rusty building where ghosts live.Jamal didn’t care so they stepped inside and went to sleep.

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