Chapter one

It was a chilly frosty February dawn and the streets were coated in misty fog,and lampposts flickered violently in the morning mist.


Jay awoke from his slumber in the ghetto ready to deliver another package for the day as he sluggishly advances down the stairs and slung on his oversized leather coat and outside in the dark,misty,damp alley way of the Brandon Ghetto’s and followed the instructions his Dad always told him.

“Keep your head down,keep your head down.”

He would keep on telling himself and trudging through the cobblestone paved street.


As Jay trudges through the streets with several parcels for:The Templetons;the Fire Gales and the Gales.As he got closer to the checkpoint (which is guarded) the palms of his hands were beginning to get shaky and clammier as his nerves rised.

“Next!”the guard yelled impatiently.

Next up was Jay to cross the checkpoint,at this point his hands were shakier than an earthquake.As he reaches into his pocket for his ID pass the guard repetively stamps his walking cane on the ground,he hands the ID pass to the guard and rudely pokes him through the checkpoint.


As Jay nervously passes through the checkpoint he sees many beautiful sights better than you can ever imagine but all the distractions came to a stop when he bumps into a peculiar looking man.

“Sorry,”Jay said urgently.

But the man chuckled and advanced closer towards him everytime he went back and Jay ran as fast as he could to the nearest strange abandoned building and hid silently.

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