chapter one

It was a rainy morning in February . The rain sliding down the shadowed roads of Troon. A few cars drove down the street casting light upon it into the dark alleyways where someone may be hiding.


Jake smart overlooked the strong rain. He was glaring ahead at checkpoint. He snatched his coat and the torrential rain slid of his coat as a swift of wind ran down Logan drive.


He could a see a soldier smoking cigars while kicking the people who don’t have an Id at the 

great gate at the lower town of Troon were rich houses stand.


”now,” snapped the soldier , scratching his head. as He held his bone like hand moments later Jake handed over his ID where are you heading young sir said the solider in a loud voice.


I’m taking a food parcel round to a customer for my dad,” Jake replied, smiling as best he could. The guard sniffed and curtly nodded his head.


A second later Jake was walking through the upper town. Here the streets were wider, shop lights glittered and the people chattered as if they had no care in the world. How Jake wished that he was like them and not a foreigner in his own land.


Taking a short cut down Troon Alley, Jake looked down at the floor afraid to catch anyone’s eye. Head down, keep out of trouble. His mum had drummed that into him so many times.


He turned around shocked as he seen a man rapidly approaching him the man grabbed firmly on to his shoulder tacking him into the shadows


“I’ll be taking that,” he said, snatching jakes food parcel. There was a pause. “Plus any other stuff you have!” Jake fell down, kicking  the man’s shin and then ran up the alley, hiding and sprinting. But the end was blocked by a huge, stone wall!


The man’s face shadowed over Jake the slowly walking  towards Jake. It seemed to stretch out and hold him in its invisible,  arms. Jake panted. He could see the man’s teeth glittering like gold with greed as he shuffled forwards, towards Jake. Then he noticed a small crawl space tucked behind lots of massive metal bins of rubbish and, a seconds later, he crawled inside.


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