Such an exciting adventure.

It was a foggy morning in May; small specks of rain tumbled down to the ground. A few street lights were lit, casting faint shadows in corners and anywhere creatures could be lurking. Florence casually walked down the path beside the Ram Inn and various houses. She stared ahead at the checkpoint, placing her hands inside her pockets and her hood furled around her curls. A heavy gust of air fled past Florence, making her quiver, as she sauntered carelessly.


When Florence arrived at the entrance to the better part of town- it always was tempting to go into the inner wall when i was young, now i got the chance. The soldier sternly looked me up and down. “ Where are you headed, little lady?” The guard held his hand out expectantly, waiting for the girl’s pass. “ I’m doing some deliveries for my pa.” She placed the paper in the broad hand before her. Her fingers trembled uncontrollably.


And just like that, Florence was making her way down the main road. The mist had receded a hint. It revealed: Marvellous buildings all adorned in colourful brush and evergreen; the colossal tower, dressed in a gigantic watch.


As she made her way down a dark, cluttered twitchel, a gang of tall, muscular men blocked the way forward. “ Hey little lady. Hand over that parcel and any money you have.” They had small grins on their faces, but Florence didn’t stay to see. She turned, running down a path to her left. Although she recognised this wouldn’t help her much, it was worth a shot.


Florence darted between the alleys, keeping a close eye to the emptiness behind her. How could this get any worse? The men continued to chase her, this was very bad! She progressed down the passage ( which were incredibly overcrowded). Weaving in between smaller piles of tin cans and soggy news-papers. Instantaneously, she spotted a fungus-covered door, Which was also covered in slight cracks and dead vines. She opened the creaky door, slipping inside…


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